Media Consumption Log Individual and Group Projects


Individual Project:

Through tracking my media usage over the past seven days, I have been able to truly recognize the extent to which I use different mediums of media. I can’t say that I have previously kept track of the ways in which I use media, but after keep a log of my media consumption for a week, I have become a whole lot more aware of how I’m spending my time. I now know that my most used form of media is music. I can’t say I am surprised by this because I listen to music while I do just about everything. I have always done this because I find that listening to music helps me to relax and causes me to be more productive in most cases. I also found that by logging my time usage, it made me think more critically about what I should be spending my free time doing. I realized that I was a little taken aback by how much time I spend on social media. This caused me to monitor my social media usage a little more.

As I stated above, music is my most preferred medium. I grew up having music played in the house 24/7 and I haven’t changed that since I got to college. I find that music puts me in a good mood and it is always accessible. Whether I am playing it while I do homework, while I’m in the shower, or while I’m getting ready, having music in the background has become a habit of mine. Generally I like to listen to music on my own because I can control the volume and genre of the music I choose to listen to without having to worry about what other people think of my music choices. I also like the medium of music because it is relatively easy to get to. I can play it on my computer, on my phone, or on a cd player. If I could no longer listen to music using technology, I would be quite bored. I also think I wouldn’t be in as good of a mood each day and I wouldn’t be able to focus as well without it.

Media technology helps me to stay connected to the world. I feel like I can easily get bogged down in the nuances of my daily life and forget to acknowledge the world around me. The media helps me combat that paradigm, while providing entertainment as well. Each medium gives me something different. For example, Pinterest gives me a chance to track my interests, while Facebook and Instagram keeps me connected with family and friends. Snapchat provides humor and real-time updates on the lives of those around me, and the TV provides entertainment and information. My favorite medium, music, provides me with entertainment, a certain level of peace, and focus. Also, it allows me to connect with people over songs we may both enjoy or new artists.

For the fast, I chose to give up music and social media. For me, this was especially difficult because those are my two favorite mediums. Music was particularly hard because it is such a huge part of my daily routine. I didn’t replace music with anything, instead I sat in silence during times when I would normally play music. In place of social media, I found ways to be productive, or wen to spend time with people.

Although this was difficult at first, I learned to be comfortable with silence and think and process a lot more. I can’t say that I will lower my intake of music, but I have definitely gotten more comfortable without it. My fast from social media wasn’t nearly as difficult as the one from music, because I am not attached to my social media. I didn’t find myself missing it at all until I got really bored in which cases I would usually start scrolling through my social media sites. Instead, I found ways to be productive, or went to spend time with people. I found myself listening better and spending more time actively engaging with people more. I think that fasting from social media was very productive and it might be something that I implement as an annual thing for a few days each month.


Click here to access my Media Consumption Log Document


Group Project:

My role in the group was Role #1  in which I created the spread sheet and assisted group members in adding their information to the Google Spreadsheet.

My group members’ wordpress blogs:

Role #2:  Alexis Young

Role #3:  Ayana Fennell

Role #4:  Piper Pearson

Role #5:  Alexis Trimble



Media Consumption Log Visual

How-to for the Infographic:

Tutorial: How to Create a Visual Graph for Your Media Log

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.15.40 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.19.45 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.20.33 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.21.12 AM.png

Group Analysis

I feel that my group’s media usage reflects today’s society in the social world. In today’s society most people communicate via cell phones and computers which is reflected accurately in the outcome of my group members’ media logs. One trend I noticed was that no one had any minutes for gaming. This is most likely due to the ages of my members. We are more entertained by social media and interaction than games. My group members are very similar. This is due to the fact that we are in similar situations. We are all nearly the same age with the same experiences. The only thing we consistently differ in is our usage of computers. This may be due to the fact that many deem computers unnecessary. Many people can use their cell phones as their laptops. This decreases the amount of time used on computers and increases the time used on cell phones.

Group Spreadsheet


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